Classical Ballet is much more than beautiful and exquisite dancing. There are few endeavors that compare when it comes to learning hard work, respect, discipline, commitment, endurance, ambition, and self-control, which all lead to an overall sense of accomplishment and positive self-esteem.

We believe Classical Ballet, when taught properly, in a strict but nurturing and uplifting environment, can produce outstanding human beings. Human beings capable of performing at the highest levels in whatever they choose in life. Human beings that will go on to make the world a better place.

Ballet Programs

Artistic Staff

The Artistic Staff at Studio R Ballet is comprised of world-class professional ballet instructors that provide classical ballet training for dancers of all ages. Under the artistic direction of Studio founder, Robbin Holley-Elowe, our team educates, nurtures and inspires beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers of all ambitions, recreational through professional.

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Our Mission

The ballet world has a reputation for being fiercely competitive and unflinchingly rigid. Much of this has to do with the teaching style, and unfortunately, many times a dancer’s mental health is sacrificed in the name of developing technique. Different schools emphasize different aspects of ballet, but at Studio R Ballet, we push our dancers to improve their technique and strength while instilling in them a healthy mindset of confidence and accomplishment.