About Our Introductory Division

The Introductory Division consists of Pre-Ballet levels and is for ages 3 to 8. Class placement is determined by age. This division teaches the basic fundamentals of ballet technique such as ballet posture, stretching the legs and feet correctly, and engaging turnout. Flexibility exercises and creative movement are included. The purpose of this division is to prepare younger dancers for the Formal Division.

For pricing or more information, please email us at studiorballet@gmail.com.


Pre-Ballet (Ages 3 & 4) Class Offerings

Mon 4:15–5:15 Technique
Wed 9:30–10:30 Technique
Thurs 4:15–5:15 Technique

1 technique class per week

Pre-Ballet II (Ages 5 & 6) Class Offerings

Mon 4:15–5:15 Technique
Tues 5:15–6:15 Technique
Wed 4:15–5:15 Technique
Thurs 5:15–6:15 Technique
Sat 9:30–10:30 Technique

1–2 technique classes per week

Formal Prep (Ages 7 & 8) Class Offerings

Mon 5:15–6:30 Technique
Mon 5:30–6:45 Technique
Tues 6:15–7:30 Technique
Wed 5:15–6:15 Technique
Wed 5:30–6:45 Technique
Thurs 6:15–7:30 Technique

2 technique classes per week