Introductory Division

The Introductory Division consists of Pre-Ballet levels and is for ages 3 to 8. Class placement is determined by age. This division teaches the basic fundamentals of ballet technique such as ballet posture, stretching the legs and feet correctly, and engaging turn-out. Flexibility exercises and creative movement are included. The purpose of this division is to prepare younger dancers for the Formal Division.

Formal Division

In the Formal Division, students receive superior classical ballet training from world-class instructors. Placement is according to skill level. Multiple programs are provided to meet a variety of commitment levels, schedules, and affordability. Making each student the best dancer they can be, high self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment are top priorities. Training in this division can lead to a professional dance career, collegiate opportunities, and participating in some of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions.

Summer Programs

We offer super fun Fairy Camps for Introductory Division age students (ages 3–8). For Formal Division students (typically 9+), we offer a four-week Summer Intensive Program in June, and a two week Summer Specialty Program in July.

Pro Track Program

Our Pro Track Program is a supplementary program designed for dancers who are serious about a potential career in ballet. Taught by our world-class instructors and open to outside students, our Pro Track Program will take your ballet training to the next level.