1. We are not a multi-dance school. We are a Classical Ballet school. Everything we do and every class we offer, is with the goal of developing the best Classical Ballet dancers we can.
  2. We have two divisions. The Introductory Division consists of our Pre-Ballet levels. Placement is according to age regardless of any former training/experience. The Introductory Division is for ages 3-8 yrs old, according to the age a student is at the beginning of the ballet year (Aug. 1st). The Formal Division is for ages 9+ and placement is determined by skill level.
  3. Please note that our standard form of communication is though email. It is imperative that you regularly check your email for all updates and information.
  4. Tuition rates are based on a yearly rate, divided into monthly payments. Therefore, monthly tuition is the same regardless of holidays or breaks.
  5. The yearly registration fee for new students is $45. It’s $35 for returning students.
  6. We offer a 10% sibling discount to all younger/lower level siblings.
  7. Trial classes are $15. This $15 is applied toward the registration fee if the student enrolls.
  8. We offer a free 15 min. placement evaluation for students age 9+. This evaluation is done by Ms. Robbin and can be scheduled by phone or email. This is all the time it takes to determine a student’s technique level.
  9. We do not require a contract as other schools do. If you are not happy at SRB, we won’t force you to stay. However, there is a $50 early withdrawal fee assessed for those students who discontinue classes before the season’s end.
  10. Make-up classes are required of Formal Division students for missed technique and pointe classes only. Missed Jazz, Contemporary, and Strength/Stretch classes do not have to be made up. Make-up classes are optional for Introductory Division students. For make-up classes, students may attend a class of their same level, or a class of one level lower. Students may attend a higher level class for a make-up only on permission.
  11. Whenever there is a Monday-only holiday, all Monday students may attend another class that week, if they wish (not required).
  12. We have four programs per level for Formal Division students to choose from – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Students must be enrolled in one of these programs to be eligible to perform in SRB productions.
  13. We accept students who do not wish to take the required minimum classes. These students are considered “part-time” students and they are subject to our “part-time student” pricing which can be found on our website. Part-time students are not eligible to perform in SRB productions but they are certainly welcome at SRB.
  14. We require a performance fee for participation in SRB productions. Participation in SRB productions is optional. It’s $50 for the Halloween Concert (only required of Introductory Division students), $75-$95 for The Nutcracker, and $65 for the Spring Concert. Pre-Ballet Levels II and III are invited to participate in the Halloween Concert. Pre-Ballet Level III is invited to participate in The Nutcracker. The Spring Concert is for Formal Division students only.
  15. Casting of SRB Productions is according to skill level and what is age-appropriate for each participant. We make every effort to make casting fair relative to each level. But we also take into consideration each student’s attendance record and work ethic.
  16. We hold rehearsals for SRB productions on Friday evenings or on Saturdays. We avoid using class time to rehearse. Students who miss more than one rehearsal may forfeit their participation opportunity and no refund of the associated performance fee will be given.
  17. SRB participates in the Youth America Grand Prix. Participation in this great opportunity is by invite only. Pre-Professional level students are automatically invited to participate.
  18. We hold Demonstrations at the end of the year, in May (see schedule for exact dates). Demonstrations are NOT optional. Each class/level will “demonstrate” the ballet technique they have learned throughout the year. Formal Division students perform their Demonstration in their class uniform. Introductory Division students get to wear a costume and will end with a choreographed dance they have learned. Students may invite whomever they wish.
  19. We give an Evaluation to each student at the end of the year. We hand out written Evaluations at the Demonstrations to all Pre-Ballet Levels and Formal Division Levels I, II, and III. One-on-one verbal evaluations/conferences are given to Formal Division Levels IV+ students.
  20. We don’t allow parents to watch classes, unless it’s the first class or special circumstance. Pre-Ballet Levels have two scheduled viewing weeks each year. See schedule for these dates.
  21. We currently only cash, check, Paypal or Venmo for tuition/fee payments. There is a payment box on the wall in the reception area for cash and check payments. There are envelopes provided for cash payments. Payments by check do not need an envelope. Payments through Venmo should be sent to “Studio R Ballet”. Payments through Paypal should be sent to “studiorballet@gmail.com”.
  22. We have a dress code. Uniform for Introductory Division students is: light pink full-footed tights, a light pink leotard (no attached skirt), and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Uniform for Formal Division students is: light pink convertible tights, a black leotard, and pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Uniform for male students is: black shorts (Pre-Ballet) or black tights (Formal Division), a white, grey or black fitted tank top or T-shirt tucked in, black leather or canvas ballet shoes with black or white socks. Level III+ students may wear colored leotards on Saturdays. Short dance skirts are allowed for rehearsals and pointe/variations classes only.
  23. We encourage all Formal Division students to have a ballet dictionary, as ballet vocabulary is imperative to Classical Ballet.
  24. Our student lounge is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave
  25. We have large locker rooms for your convenience. Students are welcome to use the lockers provided. However, if they wish to bring a lock and reserve a locker for their long-term use, there is a $50 locker fee for the year. Pre-Professional level dancers automatically get a locker for the year. SRB will provide a name-plate on all reserved lockers.
  26. Along with a wide variety of Strength/Stretch equipment, we are happy to provide therapeutic items such as muscle rollers, foot rollers, spinal stretchers and message tools for our students. These items are kept in our Strength/Stretch room and students are welcome to use them.
  27. We encourage students to label their belongings – items get easily mixed up and misplaced.
  28. We offer supplemental private instruction with our professional level instructors upon request. Pricing is per the instructor. We also offer supplemental private instruction with our top level students through the “Tops Private Training Program”. This program is for those students who would like extra help, either on specific things or in general, at a fraction of the cost of private instruction with our professional level instructors. This program has proven to be very beneficial. It’s $15/30min, $20/45min, $25/60min, paid in cash directly to the Tops student. A sign up sheet for Tops private training sessions is kept at the reception desk.