Alanna grew up surrounded in a world of the Fine and Healing Arts. She began her formal Ballet training at the San Francisco Ballet School where she trained for a decade. Since the age of 8 she has performed hundreds of times with the San Francisco Ballet Company at the War Memorial Opera House, which seats over 3,500 people per show. She then moved on to train with City Ballet School of San Francisco, Boston Ballet School, and Ballet Austin becoming versatile in many different styles of Ballet and is a Ballet Zaida Affinity. Dealing with injury & having a large understanding of how the body works mechanically & energetically, mixed with her love for movement, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Alanna Christina loves teaching Yoga to students keen on learning & understanding more about their own unique body. Her classes combine her knowledge of the physical and energetic body, breath work, relaxation and body alignment. Having a natural ability to connect to kids, she has a passion for teaching Children’s and Teen Yoga. Creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding, she teaches them ways to release stress and create balance.

At Studio R Ballet, Ms. Alanna Christina teaches strength and stretch that is designed for ballet dancers and their specific needs.